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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:43 pm

General quick rules

DO NOT; Give people abuse. Abusive people will be banned.
Racial abuse will not be tolerated. You will be reported to your ISP and banned.

DO NOT BULLY; Bullies will not be tolerated on this forum,anyone found to be bullying a member on the forum will be banned instantly.

DO NOT; Sexually harrass another member,this will result in an instant ban also.

DO NOT; Allow anyone other than you to use you're account this is not permitted,and allowing a banned member to use you're account WILL result in an instant ban.Which could become permanent !

DO NOT; Type complete sentences abbreviating every single word. You have a keyboard in front of you with all the letters of the alphabet, use it. You're not text messaging your buddy remember.

DO NOT; Post blatant links to your/a friends website anywhere other than the 'Website Plugs' forum. That is what it is there for. This also goes for advertising cruise reports/reviews.

DO; Stick to the relevant forums. Northern cruising info goes in North, Southern in South etc. Threads out of place will be moved to their relevant forum, or if the admins feel like it - just deleted. This ESPECIALLY goes for website plugs.

DO; Help people as much as you can. If someone is asking for advice and you can help, go for it. You'll be more highly regarded by everyone, especially the admins if you are seen to be a valuable member of the Forum.

DO; Visit PM'S. You may have messages waiting for you in your inbox.

Right, I think that's it. Check out the 'FAQ' link at the top of the page for a little more info on some of the features of the forum and posting messages.

Finally, enjoy yourself!
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Site Rules
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